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Schedule of Activities & Special Events

Auditorium only      Revised May 05, 2022


Sunday ,May 01 10:00 am-4pm Sunday Crib Tournament
Monday, May 02 9:30 am-noon Table Tennis
Monday ,May 02 1:30pm-4pm Floor Curling
Tuesday ,May 03

**Tuesday May 03**

1:30 pm- 4 pm


Floor Curling

** Sherry’s –Fun Exercise line to Couple’s dance**

Wed. May 04 6:30pm- 9:15pm Tai  Chi-
Thursday  May 05 10am-12:30pm Tai- Chi
Thursday May 07 6pm-8 pm Air Cadets
** Friday, May 06**


*Saturday, May 07*




1pm- 5pm

**Bridge Tournament **


**Wild Rose Dance Club**


Monday, May 9 9:30am-noon Table Tennis-
Monday, May 9

Monday ,May 9



Floor Curling

DWM Social Dance Group

Tues. May 10

Tues. May 10

**Tuesday May 10*


9:30 am-noon



Table Tennis( replacement date)

Floor Curling

**Sherry’s-Fun exercise line to couple’s dance **

Wed. May 11 6:30pm-9:15pm Tai Chi-
Thurs. May 12 10am-12:30pm Tai Chi
Thurs. May 12 6pm-8pm Air Cadets
Friday May 13 9:30am-noon Table Tennis
*Saturday May 14* 9am-4:30pm **Tai Chi Workshop **
Monday May 16 9:30am-noon Table Tennis
Monday May 16 1:30pm-4 pm Floor Curling
Tuesday, May 17

Tuesday, May 17





Floor Curling

Dance with Me Social Dance Club (see poster)


Wed. May 18 6:30pm-9:15pm Tai Chi
Thursday  May 19 10am-12:30pm Tai Chi
Thursday May 19 Air Cadets 6pm-8pm
Friday  May 20


9:30 am- noon Table Tennis
Monday May 23 9:30am to noon Table Tennis
Monday May 23 1:30pm-4pm Floor Curling
Tuesday May 24

Tuesday, May 24

1:30 pm-4pm


Floor Curling

Dance With me Social Dance Club-(see poster)

Wed.  May 25 6:30pm to 9:15pm Tai Chi
Thursday May 26 10am-12:30pm Tai Chi
Thursday May 26 6-8pm Air Cadets –
Friday May 27


9:30am to noon


Table Tennis


Monday  May 30 9:30am to noon Table Tennis-
Monday May 30 1:30pm-4pm Floor curling
Tuesday ,May31 1:30pm-4pm Floor Curling
Tuesday ,May 31 7pm-8:45 pm Dance  with Me Social Dance Club( see poster)
Wed.June 01 6:30 pm-9:15pm Tai Chi-continuing all summer
Thurs. June 02 10am-12:30 pm Tai Chi- continuing all summer
Thurs. June 02 6pm—8pm Air Cadets



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