Board of the Society

Board of the Society

Here are many different activities going on year round at the Mirror Lake Centre. Many of these activities are organized into clubs themselves and those that are organized are represented at the Board. The Board meets approximately 11 times per year and brings ideas, suggestions and concerns about the facility, the programs or the activities to monthly meetings for their consideration.

Please see the Clubs and Activities page for more information concerning the clubs and activities available at the Centre. If you wish to contact an individual Club or Activity please email them at

Please note that our  monthly BOARD meetings are the last THURSDAY of the month except July and December, 9:30 AM in the lounge.

Your Club’s attendance will be appreciated.


Web Address:

Email address:

Phone: 780-672-7022

Revised August 22,   2022

Contact List







President                     Ross Shuman                                          cell:   780-679-5707

Vice President              Katherine E. Haas                                    cell 780-781-0987

Treasurer                   Hilda Tomaszewski                              cell: 780-781-5649

Secretary                    Norma Jeanne Pohl                               cell: 403-707-8368






Alberta 55 plus                      Rosella Snopek                                   780-608-1391


Camrose Crib Club              Neil Leeson                                         780-672-9549 ( Monday)

Cam-Roses                             Pat Stetar                                            780-678-0458

Camrose Wild Rose              Neil Leeson                                         780-672-9549

Dance Club   

Canasta                                  Virginia Liebl                                      780-679-7026

Duplicate Bridge                   Lorraine Sim                                        403-783-1490

Floor Curling                         Linda Stevenson                                 780-672-1963

Line Dancing                        Joan Conley                                           780-672-9905

Ladies Pool Fun Club          Joan Conley                                             780-672-9905

Whist                                      Rosella Snopek                                     780-608-1391

Pool Players                           Fred Heck                                             780-672-5280

                                                Lenard  Budinsky                                  780 679-4266

Table Tennis                          Diane Weeres                                         780-679-0011

Tai Chi                                   Linda Gervais                                         780-678-9345

  Tai Chi                                 Ellen Parker (2nd.Contact)                    780-679-4755

Thursday Bridge                   Larry Foster    ( Forestburg)                   780-518-0056

Wednesday Bridge                Edith Read                                              780-672-8688

Friday Crib                            Fran Lewis                                              780-608-2175

Sherry’s Dance                      Sherry Tovell                                          780- 916-8968

Friday AM” M& M’S”         Ellen Parker                                            780-679-4755

“M&M’S”                        Linda Gervais( 2nd Contact)                 780-678-9345




















































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